Wings – For More Than Just Flight

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It’s intern season at the office once again, and there is an abundance of youthful eagerness with faces of excitement, Prep-school attire and wobbly high-heel gaits. I find it most rewarding to witness these young adults at the beginning of their career, so timid, un-assured even a little shy. But I see them in a different light, knowing that in short order, they will learn, grow and transform at a rate that’s unforeseen to their eyes.
One of the rewarding aspects of teaching yoga is that I get to witness the same thing in new students. Often newcomers are perplexed by the amount of skill and depth of practice some of their more experienced classmates posess. I hear things like “I’ll never be that flexible” or “I just don’t bend that way”. After seeing so many people progress over the years from a curious self-conscious newbie to  transformed open- hearted warrior, I can’t help but be compassionate when I encounter the self-doubting.

I would have never guessed that I would be this person I am today, who sees people greater than what they think they are or see them for what they will eventually become.  One of my teachers sometimes says “I’m talking to the person you will become in 5 to 10 years, not the person you are today”.
I’m blessed to have the ability to see the potential in those souls I interact with on and off the mat. Part of it is experience in helping others to realize their potential and it’s also from being the beginner at many points in my life.  As teachers, we will begin to see more and more newcomers within our practice. This time of transformation on a global scale has been foretold and now we are beginning to see the fruition of that truth. More people are embarking upon the path of yoga today than ever before. The western culture is enthralled with the idea of a true path and discipline that can reveal the individuality within each of us begging for refinement.

Now more than ever, those stepping to the mat need not only teaching and guidance, but compassion for their awakening. Transformation is not always easy, and as we see with the caterpillar, sometimes complete liquidation of our old ways must complete before we can grow our wings. Sometimes impatience, frustration and doubt accompanies divine realization. If you’ve walked the path, and know the way, remember that there are others about to embark upon their first journey. Be kind to them. With compassion and genuine interest in their growth, they can become mirrors that reflect colors of your own personality you never knew existed.

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