Scott Kilpatrick YogaScott Kilpatrick RYT-200

Scott teaches basics yoga classes and intermediate to advanced yoga classes that focus on alignment based vinyasa yoga. He also teaches yin yoga and meditation. Scott received his 200 hour Yoga Alliance RTY in 2010 upon completing teacher training that focused on yin yoga and yoga therapy. In 2015 Scott Completed a 200 Hour Teacher Training with Cat McCarthy. His meditation practice began in 1993 when one of his Track and Field coaches suggested mindfulness meditation to help him get past a performance plateau in the Pole Vault event. In 2007 Scott took his first yoga class and has been practicing since. Scott’s approach to teaching yoga is rooted in cultivating both physical and mental strength. He teaches in a way that allows students to explore their potential through perseverance on the mat, and encourages the application of personal discoveries in the world. His intention through teaching is to provide the space that allows students to explore their potential through merging breath, body-movement and awareness.

Mission Statement

Scott has always considered himself to be profoundly attracted to the more esoteric side of yoga. Whereas most teachers begin with a physical practice, then eventually gravitate towards the other limbs of yoga, Scott started meditation at the age of 16. He also began studying Buddhism and anything he could read related to Zen at the age of 19. Always feeling drawn to the mysteriousness of existence, Scott began to explore some of the more ancient approaches to the same questions he had, as well as how other cultures and traditions embraced the same curiosities. It was when he stumbled upon a translation of the Vedas that he felt like he was no longer alone in this universe. Through study of the ancient Indian texts, Scott realized that he needed to more from a place of inquisitiveness to a state of experience. Shortly thereafter, Scott took his first yoga class and realized how yoga asana was the method to cultivate the fields of the mind of which the seeds of deeper understanding could be sewn. Scott teaches in a manner that will provide others with the same opportunity for strengthening the vessel off mortality to contain powerful realizations and understanding that pours forth from an earnest yoga and meditation practice. Strong Body, Sound Mind, Peaceful Spirit.