Well Rounded Series

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heart2This is a well rounded flow that can be followed as is for a Intermediate practice or each of the main asanas can be focused on without the deeper expressions for a basics class.It’s divided into sections. The standing poses come after the warm up and lead into navasana early on in the series instead of waiting later in the session. The first standing series is a warm up for the long standing sequences that follow in the Peak Energy Flow section. Kamatcarasana, a great feature pose, is achievable for most beginners and advanced students can take the hips high, and rotate the hand into full wheel pose. After the flow, there is some work for the anahta chakra with some backbends and chest openers. Cool Down and twists follow up the ending with Marichiyasana III and the option to bind for Marichiyasana I and a Baddha Konasana with some side switch flair before savasana.


  • Child’s pose
  • Down Dog
  • [L&R] Low Lunge -> Twist TOWARD Knee -> Ardha Hanuman -> Low Lunge Hands Wide -> Onto Elbows
  • [L&R] High Lunge -> Butt Up -> Hands reach diagonal -> Elbows & Bow Deep
  • Uttanasana -> Urdhva Hastasana -> Bend Left -> Back to Center -> Bend Right
  • Down Dog -> First Vinyasa


  • [L&R] W2 -> Reach High Reverse -> Plank -> Cobra -> DownDog
  • [L&R] W2 -> Curvy Reverse -> DownDog -> Full Vinyasa
  • [Repeat 3x] Long Down Dog (5 Breaths) Vinyasa W/ Hops (Fwd and Bwd)
  • [L&R] Crescent Lunge -> Ground Down -> Open Chest ->Arch Back -> Full Vinyasa
  • Utkatasana -> Twist (L&R) -> Back to Center -> FWD Fold -> Vinyasa
  • Navasana -> Lower Half Way -> Back to Navasana [Repeat 3x]
  • Rock Back to Front -> Hop to Uttanasana -> Utkatasana -> Tadasana


  • Take it to the wall for Handstands. (Standing Splits as Option)
  • Uttanasana ->Chair -> Jump Back to Plank -> Full Vinyasa

Peak Energy Flow

  • [L&R] W2 -> Crescent Lunge -> W3 -> Standing Split -> Half Moon -> W2 -> Crescent -> DownDog
  • [L&R] Modified Vashistasana (With Kickstand) -> Grab Knee -> Bring to chest -> Open up -> Stack hips (Option to Straighten leg)

Pinnacle Pose

  • [L&R] Side Plank -> Foot Behind -> Open To Wild Thing -> Camatkarasana
  • Guess Who Gets to do Child Pose Now? You Do!

Heart Opens

  • [L&R] DownDog -> Pigeon -> Bind Back Foot (same Hand Same Foot) -> Switch (Opposite Hand to Foot) -> Release & Bow Fwd.
  • [L&R] Pigeon -> Upright Version -> Hands Free Version -> Bind foot (W/ hand and reach up) or (w/ elbow and reach up) or (Full Mermaid or Merman)
  • Camel (on blanket) -> Hips WAY forward ->Sit on Heels -> Repeat 2x (W/ 1 Leg Bent option)
  • Dhanurasana (Bow Pose) – > Lie on Back -> Bridge 1st (Repeat 3x) or UrdvhaD as Option.


  • [L&R] DownDog ->Come to Seated for Marichiyasana 3 Twist -> UnTwist -> Grab Foot -> Fwd Fold (Bind Around Back as option [Marichiyasana 1])
  • [L&R]Baddha Konasana -> Fold Fwd ->Down Dog -> GoMukasana LEGS -> Palms together & Twist -> DiscoSwitch for Other side.
  • Paschimotanasana (Elevate with Blanket)
  • Savasana

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