Thoughts on Asana

The Psoas Aside from being the deepest and one of the largest muscles in the body, the psoas is often overlooked and misunderstood when considering strengthening the core. The psoas sits on each side of your lumbar spine where it attaches to the vertebrae and stretches over the hip joint […]

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Lots of times, we cue lengthening through the crown of the head so that your Levator Scapulae Muscle will get a lengthening action. Thats on one end of the spectrum. Sometimes its to create a release in the rectus capitis posticus minor which feels very ‘destressing’ for a lack of […]

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This week, a student asked why teachers cue the transition from Warrior I direclty into Warrior II during vinyasa sequences. She further stated it’s one of the most difficult and disruptive transitions in a sequence. If you think about it, there are few other poses that utilize the warrior I […]

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How would you describe your hands on your mat during down dog? Kittie Paws or Tiger Claws? I recently wrote and article explaining the reasons yoga teachers always ask students to smile during class and especially during difficult poses. I began realizing how often yoga teacher repeat the same things. […]

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Recently, I’ve been giving thought to the topic of more advanced asanas. Yoga encompasses various bodily postures that range from the passive-restorative, which require little to no effort to execute, up through the range of physically demanding asanas all the way to the super-human level that many of us love to aspire […]

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Getting Familiar with your Joint Mobility, Tension and Compression. As we age, movement begins to lose its range of motion and connective tissue begins to get hardened and muscles begin to shorten. Yes, mobility is one of the first things we begin to lose as we age, but with awareness of […]

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After looking through some of my notes over the past few years, I began to rediscover several methods that I was taught by my teachers to help take my pratice to the next level. I thought I would share some in a non-specific format, though I will mention that some […]

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