Series for A Partner Yoga Workshop

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Partner Yoga Workshop


Centering In

Prepare your Introductions and set expectations before centering. Please share with the group, that communication between partners is important for each partner pose. Communication before going into the pose, during the pose to make sure safety and comfort is maintained and communication for exiting the pose.

Surya Namaskar (3 sets)

Sit in seated sukasana, padmasana, or cross-legged, elongated through the crown of the head, soft curve in the back, and chins level, not forward. Warm up the shoulders by rolling them forwards and backwards. Roll them slowly so you can get the full range of motion. Sweep the right arm up and tip over to the left grounding both sit bones on the earth, opening your chest and keep your side body long (gesture). Sweep the left arm up and tip over to the right, grounding both sit bones on the earth, opening your chest, and keep your side body long (gesture). Bring the chin to the chest and slowly roll the right ear towards the right shoulder, slowly roll your head back through center, chin to chest and bring the left ear towards the left shoulder. Roll the head back to center and look up.

Tops of your mats, please. Inhale arms up, exhale fold forward, inhale and lengthen, halfway up, exhale fold forward again. Place both hands on the earth and send the right/left foot back into high lunge. Exhale into downward-facing dog, inhale coming forward into high plank, exhale lowering into chaturanga inhale upward dog or cobra. Exhale into downward-facing dog, step the right/left forward into high lunge, bring the back foot up to meet the front. Exhale into forward fold. Inhale to lengthen halfway up. Exhale fold. Inhale reverse swan dive up. Exhale back to center. Other side!!

Warm-Up Poses

Focus: Straight Back. Shoulder blades working towards one another.

Optional: Grab wrists or clasp hands.

Gives/Receives: Partner A leans forward – Partner B leans back.

Focus: Straight legs, Abdomen Engaged.


Gives/Receives: Balanced Action.

Note: To enter pose, distance properly, Partner A’s feet should reach Partner B’s Knees. Adjust towards one another or away from one another.

Focus: Quadriceps.

Optional: A and B are SO’s, grasp wrist to wrist

Gives/Receives: A allows B to backbend into the pose. Then B allows A.

Notes: Sit in Hero. Partner A leans back First, Partner B leans back. Both rise while elongating through the crown of the head.

Standing Poses

Stand Apart reaching A’ fingertips to B’s finger tips. Lean forward to connect the heel of the palms. Gaze up.

Optional: Foreheads to touch . Both partners step both feet about a foot first to transition into next pose by sliding A’s arms inside B’s Arms.


[NO PICTURE] – Face-to-face chair

A and B approach until toes are touching. Then slightly bend at the knee to bring A’s and B’s knees to touching. Grasp wrists and lower into chair.

Additional Options – Arms cross, release top arm int revolved chair. Also, knees to knees for advanced or knees apart for basic. Also offer figure 4 as an option.

[NO PICTURE] – Goddess Squat

A and B still facing your partner, wide-legged stance. Turn toes to corners of mat, clasp hand to wrist, plie, releve, then straighten your legs into standing releve, finally, your lower heels.


Partner A and B stand side by side with outside edges of opposite feet touching each other. Partner A Take a Big Step forward from center, Partner B Takes a step forward from center. Clasp elbows. Part 2, release clasped hand. Take the back hand to the leg for reverse warrior.

Use a belt for the reverse warrior.

Reach back and take gaze to hand. See if partner A and B can touch fingertips.

Optional hook fingertips together.

Stand Back to Back. Step about 12 inches forward. Take feet out wide, Accommodate those who are less flexible by meeting their heel’s location. Take fwd bend. Say Hello in your most surprised voice. Come to standing, transition into warrior two.


Stand back to back, heel to heel, A’s arms on top. B’s on bottom. Palms press into one another. Hug shoulders to shoulders, hips to hips. Soften into front bent leg.

Straighten bent leg to come back to standing. Keep hands pressing into one another. Reach up and over at a diagonal to come into trikonasana. Reach back for the front of your partner’s shin. Hug into midline to bring shoulders on back and hips open. Take turn lifting each others top arm by grabbing

Come back up, do Second Side starting in Warrior II. Then Trikonasana again. Come back to center.

Stand side by side with foot 18 to 24 inches or far enough away to lean into one another. Hug into each other to create opposing forces to find stability. For the ticklish, place hands on iliac crest, aka. hip bone. Bring knee up to chest, go for toe grab. Take the foot out in front or out to the side.

Flip around and do other side!

Optionally try tree pose in the same configuration or try tree pose hand to hand to hand to hand whole class.

A and B stand apart and walk together until fingertips meet. Move into dancer. Do both feet!


Dynamic Poses

Partner A takes down dog. Partner B Takes fwd fold in front of. Reaches one foot to the sacrum of partner B [sacrum check], then hover the other foot off the floor and carefully lift to other side of sacrum. Hands close for L pose, farther away for down dog.

Person A lies face down. Bends knees, reach back and grasp ankles. Then Partner B straddles A’s waist and sits, placing one foot on each sit bone (ischium). Reach down and grab A’s shoulders and assist WITH COMMUNICATION into a deepen stretch. Make sure knees are protected (extra padding if needed) and feet are flexed (?)

Partner A comes into baddhacanasana. Partner B on hands and knees with back towards Partner A. Walks Knees backwards until tops of feet are on the hips of Partner A. Partner B Leans back to where backs are touching. Partner A mindfully forward folds.

Break down into pieces and parts. Mod A is just feet on partners thighs. Mod B Lean back a little, C – Lean back a lot. D – Grab hands and crush your parther

Tight Hips Modification: Sit in Dandasana with legs straight out and feet flexed. Then follow rules above.

Cooling Poses

Come to cross–legged/padmasana, sukasana seat. Knees touching. Twist in opposite directions. Take outside arm behind back. Reach for your partners wrists. Repeat for 2nd side.

Janusirsana, opposite feet touching. Reaching towards one another. Touch fingertips or clasp writs. Ensure shoulders are stacked. Repeat on the other side!

Begin seated back to back, legs out front. Take legs wide. Begin to lean back. Partner A goes left, Partner B goes right (choosing one side or the other). Slightly adjust to keep hips level. Lay back onto partner’s thigh. Head lies on mat or on thigh (depending on length); please no heads lying on knees or shins. Reach for and clasp partner’s closest foot, which will be the outside foot (aka. the side you’re lying on).

[CHOICE OF THREE] – As displayed above. Modified children’s version of above (sitting on floor behind person in child’s pose), and face-to-face child’s pose (grab wrists, lengthen, and lean back) working core and releasing lower back.

Person A takes Child pose. Person B bends knees to sit on sacrum and leans back over A. Communicate on this one. If need to exit, do so slowly without accelerating forces onto partner.


Optional for Closing

Arms interlaced and relaxed


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