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The Psoas Aside from being the deepest and one of the largest muscles in the body, the psoas is often overlooked and misunderstood when considering strengthening the core. The psoas sits on each side of your lumbar spine where it attaches to the vertebrae and stretches over the hip joint […]

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This is a well rounded flow that can be followed as is for a Intermediate practice or each of the main asanas can be focused on without the deeper expressions for a basics class.It’s divided into sections. The standing poses come after the warm up and lead into navasana early […]

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This week, a student asked why teachers cue the transition from Warrior I direclty into Warrior II during vinyasa sequences. She further stated it’s one of the most difficult and disruptive transitions in a sequence. If you think about it, there are few other poses that utilize the warrior I […]

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