Gratitude for Anusara Teachers

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I Want to express my deepest appreciation for you, my beautiful  loving teacher.  I want to acknowledge the hard work and dedication that you have strived for so that you may share your experience and transformational power with the world.  I want to remind you of how divinely awesome you are.  Who am I to tell you this?  I am your student.  I am your clay.  I am the eyes behind the eager desire to share your experience.  I am the reason you decided to be a teacher.

Do you know how you are perceived through my vision? Are you aware of how bright your light shines against the backdrop of my dull  grey world? Would you ever be able to see the power that I witness in you every time we share the same space? Can you ever be sincerely aware of how you have guided my transformation? Will I ever be able to thank you for the safe place you have given my inner child to play and explore?

You are the nurturers of a lost and bewildered age. You possess the power and the knowledge to set me on the right path to truth. You have the care and devotion to hold me to a higher standard. Your investment in me ensures I do not stray.  Your love prevents me from stepping into the darkness. Your knowledge helps me make sense of the world. Your reassurance helps me to find comfort in my own existence.

We may find ourselves in a state of judgment, but who are we to judge how the universe unfolds?  Do not question if your hard work and dedication was in vain. Take a look at who you are today. Admire your wings for the moment. Bask in your own beauty as a teacher and be proud of how far you have come. Allow me to be like your true nature. Your services to the universe are grandiose. The world awaits your instruction.I am one of many who are prepared to humble myself before your teachings.  Every ounce of sweat, every aching muscle, every late night of study  has led up to this moment.  I have aligned myself with your principle and have experienced the grace you have promised.  Now let me be your strength, your support, your purpose in this time of uncertainty.  Let me rightfully serve as a reflection for your accomplishments.  Let me, your student, represent that which you have strived so wholehearted to be.  Allow me to illuminate the path of your choosing.

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