Thoughts on Kula

I’ve heard that April is one of the cruelest months of the year. A time when nature is coaxing animals out of hibernation, encouraging seeds to break from their protective shells and prodding people out of their comfortable cozy patterns in life. This is the nature of spring and its’ essence of […]

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Are hatha yogis irresponsible with their use of the broad, and general term yoga? Are we doing the subject harm and injustice by not being more specific in our communication? Could it not be considered by the same token, like calling any assembling of people, Religion? The word yoga, as […]

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I Want to express my deepest appreciation for you, my beautiful  loving teacher.  I want to acknowledge the hard work and dedication that you have strived for so that you may share your experience and transformational power with the world.  I want to remind you of how divinely awesome you […]

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